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We've designed a complete center to help you feel relaxed, get engaged with your life, have the success you want, and have positive relationships.

Check below to learn about center we created for you. It's full of tools and strategies,  great teachers and coaches, and a supportive community all designed to help you feel great again.

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We Get It. We've Been There.

Stress, depression and anxiety are real problems. Not only are the physical sensations awful but the emotional turmoil and constant worries can consume you.

And, if left unchecked, it can turn into problems to affect your relationships, your work, and your family. And it's a killer on your confidence.  

Just think. Putting anxiety behind you, once and for all. It's time to have the life you deserve.

"Dr. Bob,
I've been a regular on your podcast for some 6 months already and I have learned useful and practical tips to deal with my mental conditions and obtain significant improvements on them.
You are really taking your teachings and support to the next level with this new service [Feel Fantastic Now!].
I encourage anyone that has been listening to the podcasts and learning from the website HTFF to get advantage of these new services that Bob has put together". -Francisco

Benefit from learning all the skills to conquer stress, depression and anxiety.

Experience Joy

Defeat worry as it starves your mind from joy. Take back your joy by learning how to get depression, stress and anxiety to not be bothersome anymore.

Sleep Well

Poor sleep is almost a universal complaint from people who experience anxiety, stress & depression. Learn to sleep like a baby with real-life practical strategies that work. 

Better Physical Health

Your physical health is very important to your ability to conquer these problems. Learn top strategies for diet, exercise and managing stress. 

Strong Self Esteem

Stress, anxiety and depression essentially kill your confidence so turn it on it's head and learn techniques to build your confidence and build a daily practice to feel strong.

Great Relationships

Learn top methods to meet the right people for you in your life. Build positive, supportive relationships that are fun and meaningful for you.

Success In Your Work

Success in our chosen field of work (at home or in the office) is important to us all. These problems can hold you back. Use the tools in this course to rocket your career in whatever area you work in. 

What is the Feel Fantastic NOW! Center?

In a nutshell, it’s a private,  exclusive community of people who have suffered with depression, anxiety and stress who have access to strategies, tools, and techniques to conquer these problems.

We provide the  best-in-class lessons with video, mp3, PDFs, worksheets, 1:1 Coaches, and help from each other.

This community was founded by Dr. Bob Acton, who after working with thousands of people, realized that millions of people around the world were missing out on high quality strategies and techniques.

Not everybody had access to top coaching, research supported courses, and a supportive community.

But now you do.


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with these resources

6 Pillars of a Great Life

Because we know that anxiety can take over your entire life, we've created over 40 lessons specifically for you to learn all about methods to have a successful and meaningful life. These complement the specific courses.

Specific Courses on Conquering Anxiety, Stress & Depression

We've taken the latest research and wisdom from our clinical experience to provide you with the most up-to-date learning about how to conquer anxiety, stress and depression.

Coaches & Teachers

You have many different needs. So we've got different teachers and coaches with different expertise and backgrounds including Psychology, Nursing, Exercise Physiologists, Mediation, and Nutrition. No fluff here. Just high quality experts who care about you.


Weekly Support

We know change is hard work. To help support you, Dr. Bob and the Coaches will be there weekly to answer all your questions live and then the sessions will be recorded to catch up on later.

Our Featured Podcast

Each week Dr. Bob Acton and his guests talk about practical strategies on the Conquer Stress, Depression, and Anxiety show. We have it available for you all in our resource center. If you haven't listened yet, go to the website to check it out.

An Online Community

We've set up a private online community for us to all communicate within...if you wish. You find support from each other and ideas about how to move forward in your life.

Take a Quick Peak Inside the Center

What You're Getting Inside Your Center


"Dr. Acton, I just wanted to let you know how much your podcasts have helped me through a rough time. Apart from the very useful information, I find your delivery to be reassuring and soothing. I have listened to many of them a number of times. I really, really appreciate you and the work that you are doing and you have made a huge difference in my life. - Karen"


What You are Getting

Feel Fantastic NOW is a private area inside our center where you access training courses that walk you through learning the strategies and techniques to conquer anxiety, depression & stress. PLUS access the Coaches, a community of like-minded people and weekly Q&A with Dr. Bob.

  • 6 Pillars of Living a Crazy Good Life including six courses each containing multiple lessons on how to live a meaningful life.
    • Living a Meaningful Life
    • Building Successful Habits to Support Your Change
    • Getting My Body Healthy
    • Emotional Energy
    • Problem Solving
    • Interpersonal and Social Energy
  • Each course contains multiple lessons with specific handouts and worksheets to help you learn and use the techniques in your life.
  • Specific courses containing top research-supported techniques to conquer your anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Regular updates with new information and new specific courses on topics like Great Relationships and Managing Chronic Pain.
  • Exclusive access to our Coaches there to support you and help you learn how to live that great life. People with experience in mental health, relationships, psychology, counselling, nursing, mediation, parenting, exercise trainers, food and diet, work-stress (fees for 1:1 coach time is extra). 
  • Weekly live video Q &A with Dr. Bob Acton and the other coaches where you can ask specific questions to Dr. Bob and the coaches
  • We use highly secure video conferencing software to connect you to the coaches that meets all top health privacy requirements.
  • A private community forum (we are not using Facebook) where you can connect with other members and get their ideas and support for your life. We want to ensure your privacy.

Here are some examples of the site

Module #1: Introduction

Lesson 1.1 Introduction & welcome

Lesson 1.2 The Cycle of Stress & Anxiety

Lesson 1.1 Your Health Resiliency Questionnaire

Lesson 1.1 Are You Ready for Change?

Lesson 1.1 Learning New Skills as an Adult

Pillar 1 - Meaning, Values and Living a Value-Based Life

Lesson 2.1 Living a Meaning Life: Start Here

Lesson 2.2 My Values: Living a Life Guided by My Principles and Values

Lesson 2.3 The Energy Wheel Exercise

Lesson 2.4 Dealing with Setbacks

Lesson 2.5 14 Day Challenge

Lesson 2.6 14 Books to Help You Find that Meaningful Life

Module #3: Getting My Body Healthy

Lesson 3.1 How Diet Improves Depression & Anxiety

Lesson 3.2 How to Use Sleep to Help You Feel Better

Lesson 3.3 The Value of Yoga

Lesson 3.4 Exercise! The #1 Tool to Help You Feel Better

Lesson 3.5 The Breath: How to use abdominal breathing to trigger relaxation

Lesson 3.6 Learning the Belly Breath

Lesson 3.7 A Short Mindfulness Meditation

Lesson 3.8 Deep Relaxation

Lesson 3.9 Understanding Medication

Module #7: Conquer Anxiety Intensive

Lesson 7.1 What Is Anxiety?

Lesson 7.2 What is the Cycle of Anxiety

Lesson 7.3 The Best Way to Conquer Anxiety

Lesson 7.4 Avoiding Anxiety

Lesson 7.5 Tracking Your Success

Lesson 7.6 Learning to Observe Your Anxiety T.R.I.A.T.

Lesson 7.7 Being Fully Present

Lesson 7.8 Your Safe Place

Lesson 7.9 Thinking Hooks and Traps

Lesson 7.10 Slipping Out of Thinking Traps

Lesson 7.11 Changing Your Response to Anxiety

Lesson 7.12 Confronting Anxiety

Lesson 7.13 Dealing with Physical Sensations

Lesson 7.14 Putting It All Together

Why You Can't Afford To Ignore Your Own Health

No longer can you say "I don't know where to start" as the membership has all you need.

You deserve it. 

Why "I can't afford it" can't be too powerful as we've kept the cost down to considerably less than $1 per day. And we have options for payment.

You aren't alone in the journey as we have Coaches to help you with 1:1 private conversations.

We have your back with regular updates and regular Q&A sessions.

The community will be supportive to you for your change and to help you stay accountable.

"This is very key to where I lack. Love the focus on your own values, not what you "think" others want of you or want you to value. Taking time to think about this is key and where I truly lack. I don't trust my own values enough. Love the focus on what you DO want not what you don't want - too much time spent on that. Love the forward thinking of this!"


"I find the way you speak very easy to follow and down to earth. I like the common sense ideas. The small time frame keeps me from being overwhelmed by too much info."


"As I reflect on the many positive aspects of my life journey…I’ve thought of you a number of times. You made a profound impact relative to my recovery. "


""Your podcasts have REALLY helped me cope with my anxiety & depression... You've provided very insightful strategies to cope with anxiety & depression, useful anecdotes, and much-needed clarity during some recent tough times."

A member of our podcast community

How Much Does a Membership Cost

I remember being anxious and not knowing where to start and I've now seen thousands of people lost and not sure where to start. Therefore, I created an affordable site that has everything you need to learn the techniques to conquer anxiety, life the life you deserve, get specific coaching about how to apply the tools and get support along the way. And you can access it from anywhere on any device at any time you want.
- Dr. Bob Acton

You can conquer your anxiety and live a great life for just a monthly fee of $29 or save 25% and get a yearly fee of $261 by paying in full for a year. (1:1 time with Coaches are extra and charged for the time you use)

Your Investment is Fully Backed by Our 7-Day Money-Back GUARANTEE!

Just try us out. We don't want unhappy money or unhappy customers. If this is not for you or if you aren't satisfied with the quality of the material or for any other reason, simply email us at support@howtofeelfantastic.com requesting a full and immediate refund. But you must request the refund within 7 days of your purchase price. Requests to cancel after that time will be honored by ending your subscription at the end of the payment period.

Learn All the Skills and Techniques You Need

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And get the support you need from us and our Coaches

Who Is Dr. Bob Acton

Hi. I'm Dr. Bob Acton, Ph.D. A number of years ago panic and anxiety unexpectedly arrived in my life and almost wrecked me. I tried everything I could think of but not much worked. Then I finally discovered the “cure”, so to speak. And it wasn’t medication, counselling, or reading a hundred books. Now… anxiety free. And I'm here to share all the ideas we know with you.

I've assembled the best information, tools and techniques along with great Coaches who have worked with thousands of people to help them have a life they deserve.

Our team has lots of credentials like degrees and certifications in psychology, counselling, exercise physiology, nursing, mediation, nutrition, and coaching. Bob's trained many professionals and presented papers at professional conferences and he's on faculty at a medical school. We've worked with hundreds of family doctors. 

But most importantly, we are totally committed to helping you achieve what you want and need quickly and practically.

How You Can Benefit

  • You get instant access to our entire library of streaming videos, online tests, PDF documents, audio files, worksheets to help you learn techniques to live a happier life.
  • All available from wherever you are, when you need them from your desktop or your mobile smart phone or tablet.
  • You can join our live coaching calls where Dr. Bob and the Coaches answer your questions live.
  • You get access to our highly trained and very experienced Coaches to help you know how to use the learning material and apply it to you your life.
  • You can harness the collective brainpower of all us in the community to guide you to conquering depression and having the life you deserve.
  • You have access to all the recordings from our new online summit coming in the spring. 

Who is Feel Fantastic NOW For and Not For?

Inside the center are all the strategies and techniques you need to fill your toolbox to defeat stress, worry, depression and anxiety. After working with thousands of people we recognize that many of you haven't been taught the skills you need to life a happy and relaxed life.

So our centre is for those people who want to learn how to manage their life. 

Who is it for?

It is for people who want to learn ways to defeat anxiety, stress and depression. While we don't prescribe medication, we do give you the tools and support to manage your life.

It is for people who are ready to do the work for themselves either solo or with help from our coaches who are experienced professionals who to help you implement the skills.

We know that having that life you want will take some work. If it was easy you'd  have done it long ago. So we are there for you to help encourage you to make the changes in your life that you need to make.

Who is it not for?

It is not designed as a place for people to cure significant, chronic and severe mental health issues. 

But it can be very helpful to you to learn strategies that will assist you in more significant health issues.

It is not for people who wants somebody to do the work for them. 

Great! I want to learn all these fantastic strategies and tools, learn from others, and have access to great coaching.

Just click on the red bar below to register.

What Makes Us Different?

Unlike other sites on the internet, we have everything you need in one place. You can stop searching and spending hours going from site to site.

Our knowledge of what helps people conquer stress, depression and anxiety is evolving on the rapid basis. We keep you up to date with new research.

Adults don't learn like little kids. We need special ways to learn designed specifically for adults. In our system, you'll all the top ways to learn new skills and abilities and embed them in your life.

It's private. We know that your mental health is a private matter. So despite this being "on the web" we ensure the utmost privacy for you to feel safe.

And, if you need therapy to dive into deeper issues or help with tough diagnoses then we'll help you find the resources you need.

Some Common Questions

"This seems expensive."

One of my one-hour sessions is typically $249 for clinical work so you get all I know in these videos, plus me and sometimes the coaches answering your questions each week, plus options for a personal coach.

We've got options for you. A full payment to save 25% or a $29.00 per month that’s about two fancy coffees a week from your favorite coffee shop.

"I can’t do it. I’ve everything before and it doesn’t work."

We get it. But here is a little secret. We all struggle with change. But we do it privately. So it’s easy to cop out on ourselves. We are our worst enemy when it comes to change.

That’s why we’ve built out a complete course on change. It’s is designed to help you get over those common hurdles we all have. Designed with science and research behind all our techniques, you’ll have the best knowledge, techniques and support.

"Am I locked in for life?"

If you don’t like it stop. It’s that simple. Once you have joined us, then you can quit at anytime and your membership ends at the end of your payment period. Simple. Just ask and we’ll make it happen. No hassles. And we have a 7 day 100% money-back guarantee.

"It’s not exactly what I need."

That's okay. It’s not for everybody. If this isn’t for you at this moment in time, then that is fine. We don’t want you spending your hard-earned money on something you don't need.

"I want to see the site first, to know if it’s real."

Great. You can check out a video here that Dr. Bob made, taking you through the site, see the coaches, hear about our community.

But if you still aren’t happy, you can book a 15 minute tour with me here. It’s free. We are glad to help you understand what you are getting.

"Is it safe to give you my credit card?"

Absolutely! It is safe with our secure website. And our secure check out page is the most secure on the internet. 

Yes please! Let me know when you are open.

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